Welcome to Hampton Park !

To ensure that our newly renovated field is well maintained, here are some guidelines we need our park users, our coaches, team players and guests to follow:

Food and drink:

· No gum, No seeds, No candy in the dugouts or on the field
· No food or sports drinks on the artificial turf
Please use our new water fountain between the tennis courts and Playschool to fill your water bottles and encourage water only. Notify Recreation Department of any spills on the turf.

Trash: please have all trash picked up after field use and use recycle and trash containers.

Smoking prohibited as are any fireworks or heat source item that could melt the turf

NO Stakes in the field. All embedded flag or fencing is prohibited as it will damage the artificial turf fabric. Installation of banners/signage on fencing or concrete walls must be approved by the Recreation Department.
Storage or placement of heavy items can crush and damage the turf fibers and fabric. Please store equipment off the artificial turf and remove pitchers mound at the end of the day.

Bikes, skateboards and scooters prohibited

Golfing, and use of long spike track or steel cleated shoes prohibited

Temporary line marking. All lines must be approved and coordinated with PRD

No Dogs on artificial turf


NO Stakes. embedded flags, fencing, staked goals prohibited and will damage the subsurface drainage system and could puncture the irrigation system

Golfing, and use of long spike track or steel cleated shoes prohibited

Dogs must be on leash

Inflatable climbing/play structures prohibited on lawn area.

Natural turf is CLOSED when wet or muddy

Damage to the field: please report damaged turf areas to PRD or Public Works