Mustang — Ages 9-10

At the Mustang level, the players begin to play a more competitive level of baseball. It is the first level of “kid-pitch”. Each team now fields 9 positions. The batting order still consists of the entire roster. This introduces steals and walks.    Our Mustang program teaches fundamentals to players of all skill levels.  We stress positive coaching that puts development and team building at the forefront.  All teams participate in seeded playoffs at the end of the season.  Additionally, PBSF typically assembles one tournament team to play in a Memorial Day Tournament and/or other tournaments against teams from surrounding communities.  The Commissioner appoints the head coach for the tournament team who is responsible for selecting assistant coaches and setting lineups.

Expected Skill Level at Beginning of Season—At this level, first year Mustang players are expected have a basic working understanding of all of the Pinto skills, and most importantly, an enthusiasm for the game. Previous baseball experience is not required as long as the player demonstrates a reasonable chance of some success through either athleticism or enthusiasm and commitment.

Team Commitment

  • Practices:  There are 2 practices a week held at Hampton Field.  Each practice will run for 90 minutes.
  • Games:  All games are played at Hampton Field on Saturdays and Sundays (mid-week games are possible but rare).  Teams should expect to play 1-2 games per weekend that last 2 hours each.  Weather permitting, the Mustang season includes 10-12 games.
  • Clinics—PBSF offers clinics run by professional coaches, focusing on essential Mustang skills, such as pitching, catching, and hitting. These are optional, but are highly recommended.

Playing Time and Position Rotation—Coaches have a goal to find all players opportunities throughout the season to play both infield and outfield positions, provided that the coaches determine that the player can safely field and reasonably execute what the positions call for.  No player shall sit out 2 defensive innings more than any other player on the team.

Skill Building Goals - The overall season goal is to prepare the player for the next divisional level (Bronco). This includes:

  1. Achieving mastery of all skills from previous level.
  2. Attaining increased confidence and competence in the batters box, including an understanding of the strike zone and pitch selection, stepping toward the pitcher, overcoming fear of getting hit, ability to make contact with the ball, and an understanding of situational hitting (e.g., when to be aggressive or picky, when to “take” or make contact).
  3. Showing some ability to hit within the 40 to 50mph range in a batting cage.
  4. Understanding advanced base running skills, such as stealing, and sliding.
  5. Understanding of situational defense such as knowing “where’s the play,” backing up, and hitting the cutoff.
  6. Developing of pitchers and catchers.

Overlay team...  a dozen kids selected based mostly on December evals and availability.  At least one tournament on Memorial Day, sometimes more.  Invitations made mid-season.  We do not allow overlay to conflict with regular season teams/schedule.

Play ups/Play downs – Historically determined on the basis of safety