Pony — Ages 13-14

The Pony Division is a competitive division playing “real” baseball under regular Major League Rules. At this point, the players should have acquired a thorough understanding of the rules and the skills of baseball and have the attitude necessary to play competitive baseball. The teams play 9 field positions and the batting order will consist of 9 or 10 players (if the Extra Hitter rule is followed). There is an emphasis not only upon individual skill development, but also upon the use and execution of team strategies on offense and defense. In addition, the players will need to adjust to stronger defenses and more experienced pitchers and should be prompted by their enthusiasm to play baseball. PBF typically assembles one tournament team at the end of the season to play in a Memorial Day Tournament and/or other tournaments against teams from surrounding communities. The Pony commissioner appoints a head coach for the tournament team who is responsible for selecting assistant coaches and eligible players. Priority is given to players who will not have an opportunity to play at this level again.

Expected Skill Level at Beginning of Season - At this level, players are expected to be competent in all Bronco skills, play at a level of mastery to prevent avoidable injury, and demonstrate appropriate level of enthusiasm and commitment for which success at this level demands.

Team Commitment

  1. Practice — Two 2 hour practices per week.
  2. Games — Three, 7 inning games per week consisting of a one hour pre-game warm-up and approximately two-hours of game time. Typically you play a single game on one weekend day, then a double header on the other. Half the games are in Piedmont. There are games on both Saturday and Sunday. We travel as far east at Brentwood and Clayton Valley, south to Fremont, north to Martinez
  3. Attendance — Players are expected to attend all practices and games unless there is a conflict related to school, family, or religious obligations. Other sports and activities, such as skiing, soccer, parties, etc are not acceptable absences.

Playing Time and Position Rotation - Coaches decide to play players based on a consideration of the needs of the team balanced with the coaches’ assessment of a player’s ability. Coaches will attempt to ensure that all players have an opportunity to play at least two innings per game.

Skill Building Goals - The overall season goal is to prepare the player for High School Baseball. This includes an advanced understanding and execution of all baseball fundamentals.