ASA Softball

PBSF is a USA/ASA affiliated fastpitch softball program. We partner with the Oakland Girls Softball League (OGSL) for league play in all divisions.

Note that the players age, not grade in school determines the division. The current age cut-off is December 31, thus, the players age on December 31, determines the age group for the following year. Players are generally not allowed to play in a division other than their USA/ASA age division.

  • Play-up and play-down requests will only be considered for exceptional cases and only after  all age-eligible players have been assigned and if space is available. 
  • Playing up or down one season does not automatically ensure that future play-up requests will be granted and will be subject to subsequent reviews on an annual basis. 
  • Division commissioners must approve all play-up/down requests.  
  • For 8U, 10U, 12U/14U levels, there is a player evaluation prior to the season start to assess each player's skill level and help to form evenly-balanced teams.  This is not a try-out.  ALL players will be placed on a team.

Upper Division

10U— Age 10 and under on December 31 (3rd-5th grade mainly) Stealing is now allowed and the pitching and fielding are much improved. It's a more lively game with strategy now part of the game.

12/14U— Age 12 and Age 14 and under on December 31 (Middle School Girls mainly) Double plays, stealing home, bunts, hit & runs, are now part of the mix. The game is essentially the same as the high school game with a few rule changes, like run limits, to keep things fun.

Lower Division

6U—Age 6 and under on December 31 (K & 1st grade mainly)  It's all about fun, friends, and possibly ice cream. A great introduction to the basics of throw/catch/hit.

8U—Age 8 and under on December 31 (1st-3rd grade)  Pitching and fielding start to come into play. Outs will be made, score is kept, and playoffs with our Oakland partners finish the season.