Meet the Team

Our volunteer board is made up of dedicated parents of baseball and softball players. If you are interested in joining the board, please send an email. We are always interested in new ideas. We also have other important volunteer opportunities with less commitment than a board position.

PBSF is no longer listing individual email or contact information via the website for security reasons.

Please utilize the Piedmont Directory (paper copy) for info or click here to email the PBSF President to be in touch with your commissioner.  Thank you for your understanding.

Position Name
Board President Anne Hawkins
Board Vice President Mike Bishop
Board Treasurer Dennis Sidbury
Board Secretary Wayne Lee
Pony Commissioner Kim Hunter and Dave Ragones
Bronco Commissioner Pat Lee
Mustang Commissioner Dave McMurtry
Pinto Commissioner
Dave Emanuelson
Shetland Commissioner Casey Bivens
Softball Upper Division Commissioner (U10/U12/U14) Troy Fujimoto and Mo Hill
Softball Lower Division Commissioner (U6/U8) Krissy Kliszewski
At-Large Steve Long
A's Night Coordinator OPEN
Photo Day Coordinator OPEN
Coaches' Party Coordinator OPEN
Uniform / Coaches' Swag Coordinator Toni Mason
Field / Facility Scheduling Coordinator Hilary Anne Mathewson
Field Maintenance OPEN
Website / Media / Social Media Coordinator Katie Van Den Bos
Sponsorship Coordinator Dennis Sidbury
Umpire Coordinator Pete Dahling
Opening Day & End of Year Survey Coordinator Mike Dicke
Baseball Coach/Player Development (+ PCA) OPEN
Softball Coach/Player Development Mo Hill
Equipment Coordinator Pat Lee
Yearbook Coordinator OPEN
Memorial Day Tournament / Overlay Coordinator OPEN
Baseball Pony Ombudsman (Rules/Safety) OPEN
Softball ASA Ombudsman (Rules/Safety) OPEN
Pro Coach Manager / Recruiter OPEN
July 4th Parade Coordinator OPEN
Special Events OPEN
Compliance Coordinator (Concussion / Background) OPEN